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Oct 15 2011

Thinking of the Future

A conversation with one of my students last week: “Ms. Rubin, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “Um… I am grown up.”

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Mar 30 2011

Survey About Your Teacher

I decided to give my students a survey about my class and me about mid-way through the year. The majority of the survey was basic questions with check boxes for “yes, kind of, not really, and no.” At the end there were a couple of questions that the students actually had to fill in the…

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Mar 02 2011

An Unexpected Smile

Now here’s a cheesy one. One that I hear people talk about and I gag a little because I think: 1. I will never have sweet cheesy stories 2. They are making it up to sound like good teachers So now, needless to say, my 2 thoughts have been altered. I am trying to go…

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It was my first time having a substitute in my room; early September, and I still was on the semi “trusting” side with my students. When I returned the next day, everything in my room was fine except one thing: an amethyst rock I kept on my desk was missing. Now, this rock was not…

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Jan 23 2011

How to wake up a student when asleep

1. Student falls asleep in class (of course not as a result of bad instruction, simply the lack of sleep at home) 2. Teacher tells the class to be verrrry quiet 3. Teacher grabs the desk of the sleeping student 4. Teacher begins to violently shake the desk while yelling “EARTHQUAKE!” thus waking the sleeping…

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